Look Before You Book allow you to view locations from around the world using immersive images which put you right in the picture.

You can visit holiday locations before you go and view exactly what the hotel or resort actually offer. Other images offer tours around major cities allowing you to plan not only your trip beforehand but locate your hotel where you wish to be.

Booking hotels and restaurants is simple and our partners offer the best rates and service without the extra fees related to commission charged by other travel sites.

We do not offer advice or post any reviews either negative or positive as we feel these can be abused. If you have a question about the resort of hotel ask the manger before you book who will provide you with a guarantee that you can trust.

The majority of locations and hotels shown on this site have
been visited by one of our staff or Virtual Photographers and
you can be assured all images and descriptions are accurate.

If you would like further information on any location or advice
on travel requirements feel free to contact us and we will advise you on the best methods to employ to make your visit
both memorable and value for money.

Don't forget we do not charge or receive any commission from
any hotel. The nature of this site is to inform and advise on where to visit and what to see. Just mention Look Before You Book when you contact the location to receive the best rates. If you find that the hotel does not offer the best value for money mention Look Before You Book and our guarantee.

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